Detectives for the Location of Missing Persons

Need to locate a person? Even if it is in an unknown whereabouts there are always search alternatives. One of them is the hiring of a private investigator.

At MVD Detectives, professionals are specialized in the location and obtaining information about the whereabouts of missing or hidden persons of their own free will. Their scope of action can be both national and international but always within the provisions of the Law.

What do they mean by this? Well, before private agents accept a case, they try to collect all the relevant information about the research contracted for the location of people. That is, Private Detective Malaysiainvestigates the legality of the order and once accepted, the equipment assigned for the investigation begins with the established procedure.

What people can Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia detectives locate?

  • Spouses/Children/Family Missing
  • Judicial Notifications
  • Debtors
  • Scammers

Location of a missing family member

Even if it seems a lie to locate a missing relative, it’s usually no easy task. Actually, any research commission for disappearance is a daily challenge because most people investigators try to locate do not want to be found. For example, the case of spouses is missing out of non-compliance with alimony or homelessness with children, teenagers escaping from home, etc.

But there may be cases where they have to look for a missing person unintentionally. People with Alzheimer are who don’t know where they are or don’t remember how to get back and have been missing for days, alleged kidnappings.

Location of people by court notification

At MVD Detective agency, Private Detective Malaysia collaborates with different law firms to assist them in the location of missing persons by court notification. Most of these cases usually occur because the person has forgotten to communicate a change of address in the courthouse unconsciously or, on the contrary, with the intention of evading justice.

The performance of a private detective will help provide a valid address where to send back the court notification.

Location of debtors

Private Detective Malaysia also performs location of delinquent people. In most cases, these types of people who owe large amounts of money have been disassociated from any information that can identify them. They may remain in national territory or have been hidden abroad.

This is where the work of private officers comes into play that will have to carry out a thorough investigation since the slightest mistake can alert the debtor.

Location of scammers

Private research to locate scammers usually takes place internationally. The case of extradition or administrative bureaucracy in each country has much to do in such locations, since many people who have committed a crime or several seek residence in other countries to evade the justice of the country in which they committed the offence.

If your company or family needs a detective agency for the location of people, at MVD investigation, PenyiasatPersendirian Malaysia expertsare specialized and trained to offer a tailor-made service for each client.

Do not hesitate to contact them if you have the suspicion or certainty of the disappearance of a person with responsibility for justice, your business or your family.

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How Professional Background Checks And Security Service Increase Reliability?

The intention or history of a person is the most conflicting question. Whether it is hiring an employee or meeting someone for marriage prospect or partnering with someone, it is important to know the history of the same. At times, not knowing enough about an individual creates a lot of unseen trouble.

The background checks is an important tool which helps in selecting the right candidate for employment. This process is important for employment verification, education qualification, find out about any criminal records, job experience etc. The background checks Malaysia helps in identifying about the individual and their history.

Background Checks and Important for Job Recruitment

Background verification and recruitment helps in choosing the right candidate for the job. The pre-employment screening and verification is important for hiring process. There are many cases where a candidate provides false educational certifications or even fake work experience. The verification helps in finding if the information provided by candidate is true.

There are many disadvantage and hidden dangers of hiring the wrong candidate. An individual might not only fake the resume and show fake experience but even have a criminal history. A candidate can be a potential threat. The background screening process helps in choosing a good candidate for the company.

  • Unverified candidates can be a threat to the company. The employee might put the colleagues or company’s asset at risk. It can threaten the safety of the employees.
  • The background verification helps hiring a good candidate who has relevant work experience. The whole purpose is to hire the right candidate.
  • A comprehensive background verification includes finding job history of the employees, qualifications, drug testing, verification of any existing criminal background etc.
  • The company should not compromise or jeopardize the privacy of the potential candidate and professionally find out only the relevant information.

Importance of Reliable Security Services for Better Safety

Strong security services helps in providing protection to corporates and customers. There are different types of services which helps with better access control, guard services, fire protection services, traffic management, prevent illegal entry or activity and improve the overall surveillance across an area. Reliable services helps in maximizing the safety.

The security services Malaysia companies mostly specialize in different aspects of investigations, security services, risk management and helps with better protection of properties, buildings, and individuals. There are various services which provide security like mobile patrol, event security management, neighborhood watch, installation of electronic systems for security etc.

Choosing a Professional Company for Investigation Purpose

The professional companies have experts from various domains who helps in investigation in an organized manner. The experts help in uncovering the misconduct as well as corrupt practices or disputes in companies and even helps with throughout background verification process and services.

A professional company promises of absolute integrity and confidentiality in the service. Most of the experts belong to former intelligence services or are former police officers, security officers, forensic experts etc. and have years of experience. The use of latest technology and smart approaches helps in providing best services at affordable price. Content is originally posted at

Different Reasons Why People Want To Hire Private Investigation Services

Private investigation services are highly professional. They use advanced techniques to solve any case. They warn you of potential dangers and risk factors in advance. People may use these services for many different reasons.

  • An expert service is highly trustworthy and honest
  • They investigate the case on your behalf, where involving local law may not be possible
  • You can hire an expert team to carry out all types of investigations – personal or professional

In general, people hire these services to catch cheating spouse Malaysia details with proof. Many organizations hire them for performing a background check of employees.

Hire for possible outcomes

There could be times when you feel in the middle of nowhere. Outcomes of any case may not be possible for you to work out on your own. This is where expert investigation proves beneficial.

An expert team will carry out an in-depth investigation. Based on their findings, they will come out with positive outcomes. The case study could include land dispute investigation, relationship investigation, property issues, etc.

Corporate sectors can hire them for collecting valuable information about other firms’ trade secrets as well.

Use specialized techniques

For many types of investigations, you may need to depend on the best skills. If you lack this equipment and techniques, then you can always hire an expert team. Experts always use methods that are full proof to gather valuable information.

This means that the information they gather will be more accurate and valuable. The expert investigation team depends on the database to carry out an investigation.

History and background check

This is applicable in many cases. Before your marriage, you may want to collect the full balance sheet of your to be husband or wife. If you are in the corporate sector, then you may need information related to the history check of the new employee.

Companies on regular basis carry out a background check of their employees. This is common if you are linked with the marketing and finance department. A private investigation team will help you gather the right set of information you need.

You can use the services of Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia for carrying out the background investigation task.

Dig in deep for the truth

In many cases, facts may not easily be available superficially. So it means that to collect these facts you may have to dive in-depth. This is never possible for everyone, who lacks the potential knowledge of carrying out an investigation.

This is where you can hire an expert investigation team. The experts are used to the work procedure. They dive in-depth and dig out all truth that is needed.

Fraud investigation

Bank and finance-related fraud are very common at present time. So it is certain that investigation always requires a very professional team. Local police may not be interested in the case till you have valid proof.

You can always hire an expert investigation team to collect relevant proofs. Once the proofs are gathered they can be submitted to the local police authorities for further investigation and actions.

Private investigators are experts in collecting any set of information from different sources. You have to hire them to use their services.

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Top Benefits Offered by Private Investigation Services

Loyalty and assurance are difficult qualities to achieve. Within corporate sectors or in real life, it is obvious that you may come across scandals and fraud. Corporate frauds are common nowadays. It is important to stay on alert to prevent them from happening.

Thus you can hire an expert investigation team. These services investigate your scandals and scams.

  • You can hire an expert team to carry out a background check of your employees during the hiring process
  • The expert team can help you fall prey to scams and frauds
  • You can also hire an expert investigator to check with your spouse background

This the services carry out fact check for gaining honesty and assurance. There are many benefits that you get when hiring expert Corporate Investigation Services Malaysia.

Expertise in techniques used

Hiring experts also mean you get the benefit of using expert techniques. Professionals always have a very different perception. They make the best use of their advanced approach. This means that they make use of advanced techniques to collect information.

Thus the authentication of the information and investigation can be trusted. You can trust that the database produced will be authentic and true. Experts will have access to information that is important.

Carry out a background check

Background checks are important in many cases. You can carry out background checks for your employees, spouse, friend, lawyer, or anyone. It is one of the best ways to maintain your alertness in advance.

For many firms background checks are mandatory. Financial institutions and corporate sectors use background check reports as the base when hiring a new set of trainee employees. It offers convenience and assurance that you only hired the right team.


In many cases, facts may be hidden. To get to the bottom of any issue, you may need access to facts. This is where a professional investigation team will prove helpful. For businesses where big money is involved, the fact check is important.

It helps unfold any scam that is happening within your organization. Facts will always unfold the truth. Thus you can hire the best team for collecting facts in advance. They prevent you from falling prey to common scams.

Solving all types of cases on time

Many cases may have several hidden frauds that need to unfold. There may be many people involved and so getting to the bottom might not be easy. You can trust a private investigating team. They will work on any case and solve it on time.

If the case is not solved on time then it could also ruin your entire life. Private investigators will solve the case within the desired time limits. They hold their expertise in solving all types of corporate and private cases. They will guarantee that legal action is taken against the right culprits.

Investigating your lost ones

In a few cases, people often disappear on their own. When you hire an expert, they will investigate their where-about. This is important in case of property-related cases.

Experts are aware of your valuable time. They will investigate at just the right time. They will come to the right conclusions based on facts. 

The Key Reasons BehindHiring an Expert Private Investigator

In today’s time, many companies would like to start a joint venture but before indulging in it they would love to know all the information related to the company’s background. It is a good idea to go through all the company’s background info before doing business with anyone as it helps you to know and hidden secrets.

Hire the Private Investigator for best results:

It is significant to hire any professional private investigator and it is quite useful for numerous reasons in the present scenario. When any individual, private firm, or a big company are more cautious about any sort of scams, troublesome tenants, company fake resumes, corporate espionage, theft identity, illegal investment, and so on.

In that situation hiring any expert penyiasat persendirian Malaysia services is vital to fish out all the secrets and information about any topics. Having an expert ideal private investigator from any established agency will ensure to get all the security information which you can’t get it.

With accurate information and the right fact with details evident can lead to solving any difficult case with simple effort. It is the main aim for the personal or private detective to work on uncovers facts that are admissible and hidden from us.

Some of the top reasons for choosing private investors:

  • For any company’s background information
  • Check any employee details precisely
  • Get tenant screening done effectively 
  • For criminal case details
  • Check any sort of fraud investment details
  • For baby custody
  • Tracking any person’s daily activity
  • Get all the surveillance records efficiently

The services are done by the professional security service Malaysia agency arewell in demand due to their highly skilled people and excellent accurate work on any concepts. They serve a 90 % success rate in tracking any people or organization details precisely with all the desired information that is required.

Private investors can have all the tools and advanced tricks to use that help them to reach the conclusion facts efficiently.

Why Choose any Private Detective?

Another fact is that getting any kind of critical data or information related to a company’s background, employee or individual is quite a difficult task, but hiring a private investigator is one of the best ways to deal with it.

A private detective is well specialized in their services and many areas of investigation related works. It is their prime aim to deal with all critical types of cases from tracking details to people and partner’s acts etc.

In Malaysia or any global developed country, there is well-increasing demand for private detective services from an expert hand. IN today’s society it is quite common for people or businesses that at some point in time they have to face any kind of fraudulent activity.

In some cases, it affects the business growth and individual’s relations too because of its extreme circumstances. It is becoming a very common crime in the present period and it can be easily manifest in a multitude of numerous ways.

So in those cases, it is good to hire the best private investigator from any established good agency. Though there are several agencies are offering such advanced services on demand for seekers but picking the best will ensure the accurate and desired services at an affordable cost.

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Amazing Perquisites of Conducting Pre-Employment Background Checks

With time, pre-employment background checks have turned out to be a matter of necessity. Nowadays, it is seen that too many applicants are making false claims on their job applications as well as resumes in order to cover up their previous criminal activity. 

If you are an employer of a company in Malaysia and want to avail services for Background Checks in Malaysia then MVD International is a perfect option for you. This company has a team of professionals who help you with background checks so that you hire the best candidate for your organization. 

A background check is a common process that most of the companies in Malaysia execute while hiring a new candidate or employee. This process helps in delivering detailed information about the applicant and ensures that they are not only safe but also reliable to hire. 

When you implement background checks properly as part of your standard employment screening practice then you can always expect some incredible benefits that are stated below.

Quality is maintained

Every employer needs to maintain standards when making the hiring decision because this will keep their workplace safe. In case, an applicant is trying to hide something then they will apply for the position that does not require a background check. 

Being an employer, when you implement employment screening procedures like pre-employment background checks you will see that applicants hired are of top quality and the hiring decision also becomes easy. 

Ensures a safe workplace 

Being an employer, everyone wants to ensure that their team is offered a safe workplace as this is an ethical, legal, and business concern. Always remember that workplace violence which is beyond being repulsive can disturb your overall business and also open up to liabilities. 

One of the perfect ways to ensure that a new team member is unlikely to become fierce or intimidating is at the time of the pre-employment investigation.   

So, you need to conduct employment background checks in order to ensure the safety of your current employees as well as your business financial comfort. 

Reduced costs

You need to know that if the right candidate is not hired for the first time then your employee turnover rate will increase along with the costs. If the first hire did not work properly then again you need to spend money on employee training, recruiting & hiring, and so on. 

So, it is better to conduct a background check because it will help you to prevent the hiring of dishonest employees that have a record in criminal activities. This will ultimately help you in reducing the cost of hiring. 

Decrease in turnover

Background checks help an employer to decrease the turnover rates. By applying background checks at the time of pre-employment procedures, an employer gets help in verifying whether an applicant is truthful and right for the company or not. 

Therefore, it is essential for all companies to conduct pre-employment background checks to hire the right candidate. 

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Catch Your Cheating Spouse with help of Private Investigators


Do you doubt your partner or spouse? Are your suspecting them of cheating on you but do not have a proof? If you have a cheating spouse but have no evidence to confront, its time to hire a private detective service. The detective has the contacts and resources to catch a cheating spouse.

Hiring a Private Investigator for Evidence

A spouse who is cheating is careful to leave no trails of his or her act. However, at times there are some signs and indications that raise the suspicion on your spouse. With help of the professional private investigation services Malaysia, trace the whereabouts of your spouse and catch them in the act.

  • Such investigation is important for proving spouse infidelity in court cases while fighting for a divorce case. The evidences strengthen the case and make it easy to get a divorce.
  • It helps with child custody cases. If you find your spouse involved in such activity, it becomes easy to get the complete custody of your child.
  • Marriages are very delicate and one small mistake can ruin everything. With enough evidence, it helps in setting matrimonial cases and finalizes a divorce.
  • A complete investigation as well as surveillance is put on the suspected spouse to gather proofs of cheating. If found to be innocent, it can rebuild the trust in a marriage.

It is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to find evidence against the cheating spouse. The professional investigators have experience in this field and know how to go about spying on the spouse. This is important for clarifying any doubts brewing in your mind about the spouse.

When to hire a private investigator?

The private investigator helps in doing the groundwork for you in finding out if your spouse is really cheating or not. If you have been noticing changes in your spouse and there are signs that he or she might be cheating on you, it is time to find out the truth.

Few signs like occupied with work most of the time, regularly coming late from work, behaving weird, maintaining distance etc. are enough to raise a suspicion. However, keep in mind that these might not be indicative that they are cheating. If your gut says, they are cheating; you need to know the truth.

The investigation services Malaysia helps in spying on your partner or spouse without them suspecting. A sudden need for privacy by the spouse is one of the clear signs to raise your suspecting eyebrows. It is important to know the truth – good or bad, both.

Strategic and Collaborative work of Investigators

The reason private investigators can find the information is because they have the work force and resources for the same. A professional investigation company has contacts with different people which make the work easy.

All the investigators are trained and mostly the team consists of a bunch of professionals coming together. It includes custom officer, forensic officers, police officers and security officers along with certified and well trained team of private investigators for doing all the research.

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Why You Need to Hire a Bodyguard VIP Personal Protection

PenyiasatPersendirian-MalaysiaAlmost everyone is well-familiar with the filmic ideas of having or hiring a Bodyguard VIP Personal Protection- a man who has muscles as strong as a tree, who stands straight like a tree and protect like a tree. In movies, bodyguards are someone who walks behind the celebs and politicians in order to protect them from any kind of mishappening. They also wear a black suit and glasses as black as any criminal’s soul, this is what we usually think about the bodyguards. 

Hollywood actually has an amazing and fun playing with the idea of having a bodyguard, someone who knows everything before even someone plans to do it. Isn’t it strange that someone already knows about everything which is not even planned by criminals yet? 

However, in real life, bodyguard kind of have the same work as to protect the ones who they have been hired for from evils and their rivals. They have seldom fit image what we see in movies, they have a keen presence of mind and ability to detect anything before it happens, but after planned by any criminal. Just like Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia also known as private detectives, bodyguards are strong-minded, intelligent, athletic and well-trained. 

Bodyguards have plus point that they are someone who is trained in a way that they can even serve in the police forces. If you really want to spot real- bodyguards, go and check on the red carpets for the individual who is keeping his eyes on the crowd, not on the celeb. This is because it is the body guard’s job to keep his eyes on the uneven activities of the crowd in order to protect the celeb. 

Now, Bodyguard VIP Personal Protection is not only hired by celebs and politicians anymore. Anyone who has life-threat can hire bodyguard from any Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia firm.

If in case, you are finding yourself getting unwanted attention or becoming the focus of the widespread new coverage because of a seemingly innocent remark made on any event on social media, you can hire a Bodyguard VIP Personal Protection in order to protect yourself from any kind of mishappening. Such incidents can cause serious issues and make your life not less than a hell. To avoid such conflicts and make sure that you are sure, consider hiring bodyguards for your protection.

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What to Exactly Look For in Security Services in Malaysia

MVD International- Security Services

Security and protection are the reasons why some of the basic need actually exists. But, with the passage of time, exceptional meaning for security services in Malaysia have attracted some proper definitions. These specifically point towards the services being available to certain circumstances and conditions. The conditions imply unfavorable or vulnerable state for the one who’s actually seeking those services. So, for you to actually hope at getting security in any way shape or form would require reflection a proper and discernible threat or its potential that can affect you. It makes sense then that there’d be some commonalities you can take for granted because you need to ask for the appropriate service.

Look if it fits your Requirement Properly

It’s certainly plausible that a service provider won’t have what you’re looking for. Every single one of them wouldn’t have the chance to follow all possible service provisions. Suppose a service provider may specialize in Close Protection Bodyguard solution, then it wouldn’t be appropriate them ask about fitting security services through cameras and digital sensors. However, you can get such combined stuff, but they’re mainly present among the best of the bunch. Most specialize in a handful of service provisions, most of which have some relations between one another.

Take note of what exactly you need securing and/or protecting

While a certain degree of fit is acceptable, looking into the details of your requirements will actually help your case. See if you need protecting a person, object or property, and then go about looking for the details in a service provider’s website. By going online, you can basically have everything you want. You can just read through the pages to find out if everything exactly fills your requirement. At the end of your perusal, your contact may reveal whether they’re able to provision you with the service exactly how you want it.

Look for the Track Record

Any service provider can provide you with the all-important security services in Malaysia, but their quality is often a thing of major consequence. You need to be absolutely sure that the people you’re charging to take upon your responsibility can actually do so. While you can’t predict the future accurately, you’ll benefit to perform a check upon their background information. Various details of information will tell you the exact quality of your prospect. Check the agency’s most prominent clients, look if anyone’s demands should fit with your own, and also check the time in which they’ve been active. All these assurances are extremely necessary across all instances.

Check if they provide a Trial Period

Even if you’re absolutely sure that a service will manifest exactly how you envisioned it, your choice may fail due to any number of reasons. This may happen due to any specific combination of reasons. Take, for example, the service of a close protection bodyguard. When you’ve a single or multiple such personnel being around you, things can get tough, especially when you’re dealing with private stuff. A great service provider must apply exceptional training and seasoning programs to make them as professional as possible. You need to make absolutely sure if that’s the case, and your initial evaluation in a trial period will probably answer it correctly for you.

Security services in Malaysia may exist in many different forms. However, it’s you who need to determine what exactly fits your case, as well as the greater amount of details you may uphold.

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Why Organizations Should Consider Pre-Employment Screening Before Hiring Candidates?


In the present time environment, pre-employment screening is important. It offers security to organizations. This has become an important part of the HR team. It offers benefits for organizations in the long run. For employers, conducting pre-employment screening is a must.

  • With ever-increasing job market demand and expectations, Employment Checks and Screening helps in sorting the best candidates.
  • The organizations can identify trouble makers in advance before hiring them.
  • This process helps save a lot of time and money for organizations.

As per research, over 60 percent of candidates are never true about information mentioned in their CV. Candidates often mislead employers so they can be hired. This process is beneficial for organizations.

Improved hiring process

The first and foremost benefit of background screening is that it simplifies the hiring process. You can expect better results in your hiring process. Employers may not have to undergo talent acquisition when selecting candidates.

The level of information collected by organizations, through the screening process can be trusted for authentication.

Better security and safety

One of the most important benefits of the background screen during the pre-employment stage is that it eliminates the chances of workspace violence. When screening any candidate his complete history will be provided in detail.

So if the candidate is having comprehensive past history then he can be avoided from being hired. Even if the candidate has been involved in any incidences related to domestic violence, assaults, harassment, threats or stalking, it will be highlighted in his reports.

Regulatory compliance

The screening report is provided by a third party that is not related to the candidate or the employer. So his level of expertise can always be trusted. You can expect industrial standards to be maintained in his reports.

These experts will always focus on the compliance they should meet as per local government regulations.  The moment this task is not accomplished, it can pose a serious threat to the organization.

Reduces hiring risks

The moment you opt for Penyiasat Persendirian Malaysia screening checks, you can trust the level of checks conducted by experts. It will also ensure that the organization has not overlooked any serious issues regarding the candidate before hiring him.

This simple action taken by the company can help them prevent hiring the wrong candidate. It also eliminates chances of facing lawsuits or collateral damage on account of the wrong candidate. The organizations do not have to worry about the reputation being damaged by any employee.

Avoids employee turnover

Effective screening is one of the best ways to reduce employee turnover. It will also be possible for employers to know the complete history of the employee even before hiring him. In the long run, this factor can be beneficial for organizations.

Reduce abuse and misconduct

Another important benefit of conducting employee background checks during the pre-employment stage is that it reduces abuse by employees. So organizations may not have to face issues like tardiness, absenteeism, low productivity, attitude issues, alcohol abuse and much more.

So the moment organizations select pre-employment checkups they can benefit. You can search online for the most effective pre-employment screening demo and procedure sessions.

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